vs STR & INT

Strategy vs STR:

Stage 1: clear in 2 turns
Stage 2: clear in 2 turns
Stage 3:

  • use Hody on turn 1,
  • skip turns until you die and revive,
  • Robin post-revive,
  • Magellan+Inazuma the next turn,
  • then use Garp once they drop below 25% HP (takes 6 turns total for 25%)

Hody is replacable by RR Ain.

If your specials aren’t maxed you obviously need to stall more on stage 1 (maybe 2 as well).
Make sure you have Garp on the bottom row vs STR as the middle row gets blown away.

Strategy vs INT:

Stage 1: Clear in 1 turn.
Stage 2: Clear in 1 turn.
Stage 3:

  • Die first.
  • Then use Hody special post-revive first turn,
  • Magellan+Inazuma 2nd turn and
  • Robin 3rd turn.

Also git gud and hit your perfects while blinded.

vs QCK

Stage 1: clear in 2 turns
Stage 2: Use Law special, then kill on the same turn(matching orbs on subs may help)
Stage 3:

  • Die.
  • Post-revive use Fuji, Magellan and Inazuma specials.
  • Skip/tank 3 turns,
  • then use Garp to finish.


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