Kizuna Hawkins

vs. DEX

Zoro/vs Kaido

STR Mihawk/Arlng Crew

ace/tm kid

stage 1 kill

stage 2 kaido spec kill 3 perfects

stage 3 zoro, ace, swap crew crew, kid,

vs. QCK

zoro/vs kaido


boa sister(boa sister)/osoba

stage 1 kill

stage 2 osoba kill

stage 3 kaido niji zoro praline boa


vs. PSY

zoro / sugar (vivi)

int jack/ osoba (nami)

ain/raid zoro (brook)

stage 1 kill

stage 2 ain, ain

stage 3  raid zoro, soba, fc zoro jack sugar (all but soba) soba st sugar


Raid Nami & Shinobu

Kaido / Kaido

raid kuma/inv linlin (supp flampe)

rr nami (LS batch)(support sanji v1)/v2 kata

stage 1-4 : tap

Stage 5: nami spec, linlin spec, kuma spec, hit with 6

t2 : kaido spec, kaido spec, kata v2 spec, hit with 2

Tea Party from Hell Blitz

One team to run them all

TSF team

Sweet Commanders / New Chopper (5th anni robin)

new rr pero (vivi)/ new carrot (jinbe psy)

galette ()/ opera

Vs Luffy

Stage 1 stall 1

Stage 2 opera spec

Stage 3 commanders super type

Stage 4 chopper spec, carrot spec, opera spec, kill with chopper, pero, commander

Stage 5 pero spec, galette spec, commander spec, kill with commander, chopper pero

Vs Bege

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4 chopper spec, carrot spec, opera spec, kill with opera carrot chopper

Stage 5 pero spec, galette spec, commander spec, kill with commander chopper pero

Vs Jinbe

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4 carrot spec, chopper spec, opera spec, kill with pero, commanders

Stage 5 galette spec, pero spec, commander spec, kill with commander chopper pero

GC Enel





Friend Shanks Crew / V3 Law (Legend Corazon Support)

RR Ivankov&BonClay / TM Nami&Sanji ()

Legend V3 Rayleigh / TM Vivi


Goals for February & March


LB+ Slasher PvP team

Kizaru 40/40
Doflamingo 40/40
Shanks Crew 40/40
Inuarashi 40/40
Carrot 40/40

Rumble Exp Slasher PvP team

Ability Special STR DEX QCK PSY INT
445,500 425,850 406,050 412,800 468,450
Kizaru PSY PSY Legend 5 8 124,000
Doflamingo INT INT Legend 5 9 70,000
Shanks Crew QCK/PSY QCK Legend 5 6 96,000 96,000
Inuarashi STR STR Legend 5 9 70,000
Carrot QCK/PSY QCK Legend 5 9 35,000 35,000
70,000 0 131,000 255,000 70,000

During TM Pudding

LB+ INT PvP team

BB v2 31/40
Katakuri v3 31/40

Rainbow INT PvP team


Rainbow Rainbow PvP team

During Jinbe TM : LB+ Rainbow PvP team

Rumble Exp Rainbow PvP team

Summer Blitz

vs Pudding

Stage 4 INT Smoothie: 4 turns increased defense, 3 turn bottom row special rewind.

Stage 5 INT Pudding: Changes to INT, 7 turn left side bind and 2 turn 3 orb barrier (type seems to be either QCK and INT)

video / damage

Stage 4 nami spec kill

Stage 5 BM (chain lock) flampe (for barrier) boa () spec, boa st, kill

vs Shirahoshi

Stage 4 INT Vivi: gives 4 turns of percent damage (robin) reduction and rewinds middle row special by 3 turns.

Stage 5 INT Shirahoshi and 5 high def mobs: gives 99+ turn of nao and silence all characters by 5 turns (str boa).

Stage 4 : robin spec

Stage 5: nami

vs Reiju

Stage 4 – Flampe INT – Bottom Row special rewind 2 turns and 4 turns of Damage Threshold

Stage 5 – Reiju INT – Chain Down, and 4 turn of Resilence ( perfect for Summer Puding and Summer Big Mom )

vs Koala

Stage 4: Bonney – 8 Turns Despair / Middle Row 3 Turns Rewind (f2p Pudding + 1 turn stalling or new RR Robin)

Stage 5: Koala – Turns to Int, 4 Rounds paralysis, 5 Turns Attack down (SexyMama -> Paralysis / new RR Violet -> Attack Down)

video / damage