Colo Raizo


damage calc

Lucy / Lucy

Tashigi / TM Mihawk

Vista / Lucy

Stage 1 :

Stage 2:

Stage 3 :Inuarashi,

stall 2, turn 3 keep above 50%

Stage 4 : nekomamushi

stall 5, dex Lucy spec, str Lucy spec,

Stage 5 :Raizo

Tashigi, kill


sunny spec, Vista, TM Mihawk, str lucy



Chaos : Zombie

Stage 1: Stall until you get Sabo special ready.

Stage 2: Use Sabo special, let only one fodder alive (that is not the lapin), stall until you get Sabo special ready again.

Stage 3: Use Magellan. When the poison ticks about 500k damage use Sabo special and attack. It will put him below 50% and the next tick of poison will kill him.

Stage 4: Stall until you get Sabo and Magellan specials. After stalling, use Magellan, and when the poison tick about 500k, use Sabo and attack normally. Same pattern of Stage 3.

Stage 5: Use Franky right after the preemptive attack of Raizo. Stall Sabo, Magellan and Franky special. Use Magellan wait for him to die. After revive use Franky AoE damage then Sabo special. Stall Magellan special again, then use whenever is ready.


Neo Akainu


Boa V2 / 6+ Ace

Heracles / FN Giolla

FN Perona / Marguerite

Damage calc

FN Giolla ca be replaced by 6+ Usopp

Turn 1: Use Boa V2 and Marguerite specials, attack normally. (2,129k dmg)

Turn 2: attack again but end on Marguerite.

Turn 3: Use Perona’s special

Turn 4: Use Giolla/6+ Usopp/Hody special

Turn 5: Use Hera’s and Ace’s special then burst.


Team 1



Colo Neko/Vergo

Damage Calc

Team 2

Damage Calc

Hit with Kanjuro Last.


Team 1

TM Mihawk / TM Mihawk

?? / QCK Diamante

SW Shanks/Colo Ain

Damage Calc

Team 2

TM Mihawk, TM Mihawk, Raid Fuji, Psy Zoro, Dex Cavendish, Qck Diamante

I used delay on stage 3. At Akainu, activate block orb eliminating special (cavendish for me) then Zoro (he will cancel the buff but I just want orb) then fuji. Hit him first turn. Activate Mihawk second turn and kill him. He revived activate another mihawk and kill him.

Cavendish was there to get rid of block orb, diamante was there to delay stage 3. I think the team can be f2p by replacing them with characters with the same functions, for example, FN brookand Colo Mcguy to get rid of blk orb and delay

Team 3

Damage calc

Lao G + Invasion Garp

What he does

  • He 10 Million health and deals 19k damage on normal attack.
  • He pre-emptively changes his type from STR to INT and shuffles your orbs.
  • He has a defense reduce debuff protection
  • Every 2 turns he removes all your buffs and debuffs dealt to him and shuffles your orbs. With a chance of getting BLOCK orbs.
  • After defeat he revives for 20% of his HP(around 2 million+ health), cuts your HP by 80%, paralyzes your team for 3 turns and silences special of a QCK unit on your team(if you have one)
  • After he revives he also gives himself Damage immunity buff from all types (STR, DEX, QCK, PSY and INT) for two turns.
  • After he revives he attacks normally for two turns and on the third turn does his big damage of 500,000

Team :

Lucy / Lucy

Diamante / Doffy

Usopp 6+ / Lucy

Damage Calc


1-4: Stall on the turtle and kill everything else in time.

Garp 1: On entering use Colo Lucy, Lucy and hit at least 4 perfects => 4,376k dmg + 2,000k dmg

Garp 2: Doffy & kill him => 4,036k dmg

Garp 3: Use Diamante

Garp 4: Nothing

Garp 5: Use Usopp & farm orbs

Garp 6: Use 2nd Lucy and kill him again


TM Mihawk

Current :



Kuma (PSY)

  • HP: 455,000 (+25,025 per TM Level)
    • 705,250 at Nav Lv 10
    • 955,500 at Nav Lv 20
    • 1,205,750 at Nav Lv 30
  • Attack: 10,052 (+176 per TM Level)
  • Pre-Emptive: Debuff protector for 98 turns and randomly blows away 1 bottom row unit.
  • Every 4 turns: Blows away 1 random unit in the order of Bottom Row > Middle Row > Top Row

The idea behind this team is that you beat Kuma in the overworld before facing him again. Overall this team can deal enough damage to burst Kuma down in less than 3 turns. However as you increase in levels you may need to swap Zoro for another Diamante in order to make sure you beat Kuma.



Boa (PSY)

  • HP: 281,680 (+15,492 per TM Level)
    • 436,000 at Nav Lv 10
    • 591,000 at Nav Lv 20
    • 746,000 at Nav Lv 30
  • Attack: 3,216 (+56 per TM Level)
  • Pre-Emptive: Anti-Recovery for 19 turns and applies delay protector for 99 turns.
  • HP < 20%: Binds entire crew for 20 turns.

Test Team

  • Stage 1-3: Beat normally while making sure your specials are ready for Boa stage.
  • Stage 4: Attack normally.
  • Stage 5: Beat the girls around Boa and then burst on Boa. Just make sure that you don’t get her below 20% or else.
  • Another option you can do is to beat Boa in the overworld like with Kuma in order to make it easier.

Doffy (DEX + INT)

  • HP: 2 Doffys one DEX & the other INT each having 271,800 (+14,949 per TM Level)
    • 421k at Nav Lv 10
    • 570k at Nav Lv 20
    • 720k at Nav Lv 30
  • Attack: 3,320 (+60 per TM Level)
  • Interrupt: Upon defeating 1 Doffy he summons one more (occurs once).
  • HP < 50%: Deals 50% of crew’s HP and randomly bind once unit for 3 turns.

Test Team

Moria (DEX)

  • HP: 362,500 (+19,937 per TM Level)
    • 561k at Nav Lv 10
    • 761k at Nav Lv 20
    • 960k at Nav Lv 30
  • Attack: 3,436 (+60 per TM Level)
  • Pre-Emptive: Slot Bind/Seal entire crew for 10 turns.
  • Interrupt: If you delay him he removes all positive buffs from your crew.

Test Team

Test Team #2


  • Stage 1-3: Stall for specials. Take advantage of the Zombie Foxes that turn your orbs into bomb orbs in order to get Whitebeard to below 30%.
  • Stage 4: Beat Oars normally. You can use Ace special here to make sure that you are below 30% when fighting both Oars and Moria.
  • Stage 5: Activate all HP cutting specials first then use all other specials. Just make sure to use Sanji before Ace if you didn’t use Ace on Stage 4.

TM Mihawk (Stage 4)

  • HP: 700,000 (+71,830 per TM Level)
    • 1,418k at Nav Lv 10
    • 2,136k at Nav Lv 20
    • 2,854k at Nav Lv 30
  • Attack: 3,664 (+192.5 per TM Level)
  • Pre-Emptive: PSY & INT units special bind for 10 turns and cut HP by 10%.
  • After Turn 2: 10% HP cuts and normal attack.


TM Mihawk (Stage 5)

  • HP: 1,366,000 (+71,830 per TM Level)
    • 2,084k at Nav Lv 10
    • 2,802k at Nav Lv 20
    • 3,520k at Nav Lv 30
  • Attack: 11,000 (+192.5 per TM Level)
  • Pre-Emptive: 98 turn delay protection, DEF up (5 turns), randomly shuffles orbs (may include BLOCK), and 20% HP cut.
  • After 1st Attack: 10% HP cut and enrage.
  • HP < 50% (Attack): 16,500 damage.
  • HP <50% (From a Special): Recovers to ~80% and random orb shuffle.

Test Team

Test Team #1.5

Test Team #2


  • Stage 1-3: Beat normally while stalling for specials.
  • Stage 4: Use Lucy special, hit 4 perfects, beat Mihawk.
  • Stage 5: You should have Lucy’s 2x ATK boost then use all other specials. Just make sure that if you use Toy Soldier to use him first and to use Colo Lucy before Colo Kyros.


Stage 1-3 : stall and look for matching orbs

Stage 4 : shanks + inu specials

Boss stage : hawkins + croco + inu + doffy specials

40 Stam Restaurant Le Crap

first day

15 Runs :

  • 52 HP candies
  • 69 ATK candies
  • 43 RCV candies

2nd day

15 runs

  • 36+17 HP
  • 35+16 ATK
  • 29+21 RCV

3rd day

15 runs

  • 50+17 HP
  • 44 ATK
  • 34+18 RCV

4th & last day

7 runs

  • 1+18 HP candies
  • 21+7 ATK candies
  • 26 RCV candies

I now have

  • a 100HP + 100 RCV GPU
  • 3x 100 + 1x 85 HP turtle
  • 3x 100 ATK turtles
  • 1x 100 + 1x 44 RCV turtle