Jack Kizuna


6434 tickets



which gives a rate of 1.274% (5 more tablets than if I had emptied the box without giving a damn about rates)

Kizuna BB

vs Super DEX

SHv2/BonClay, toki/koala, ulti/yamato

output : 7.8B (nRICeaTFsGc)

SHv2/BonClay, toki/ace&sabo, ulti/yamato

stage 1 : kill

stage 2 : toki spec -> captains, sh spec, switch to page, use all orbs

stage 3 : bonclay spec to str fs driven, switch to ulti, ulti spec, bon clay ST, sabo super switch, yamato spec

Output: 5.1B

vs Super INT

vs Super QCK

SHv2/BonClay, toki/koaka, ulti/yamato

output: 6.4B (nRICeaTFsGc)

SHv2/BonClay, toki/sabo&ace (as ace), ulti/yamato

stage 1 : stall for ulti and sabo ace

stage 2 : switch SH to crew, SH spec, toki spec -> captains, switch ulti to page, use all orbs

stage 3 : yamato spec, sabo&ace super switch, bonclay spec to dex fs driven, switch to ulti, ulti spec, bon clay ST,

Pirate Alliance Blitz Battle

stage 1, 2 : kill

stage 3 : shanks/buggy spec kill

stage 4 : ray/caban spec, swap roger, garp spec, maybe oden spec

stage 5 : Shc spec, if sengoku is Int, swap whitebeard, robert spec, kill

Kizuna Ivankov

vs str

https://m.youtube.com watch?v=cMeZ9Dp0O54

vs dex vs psy

https://m.youtube.com watch?v=Ok1hQi-gFZc