Raid Barto


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Team 1

Damage Calc


McGuy and Leo can be replaced with any delayers that fit the requirements.

Sandersonia can be replaced with Story Kaku.


Stage 3: Delay with McGuy and stall out the Captain switch. You can either bring one of the Giants below 20% or take a hit.

Stage 4: Delay with Leo and clear in 2 turns.

Barto 1: Use Colo Lucy and Lucy and attack hitting perfects.

Barto 2: Use Sandersonia and clear.

Team 2

Damage Calc

Nakama net

Stage 3 kill the left guy that will turn orbs into block first. Can use Neko’s in this stage if needed.

Stage 4 use the delayer.

Stage 5 use Aokiji and Whitebeard first turn and then Law and maybe Neko second.

Raid Franky

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Damage Calc

Nakama net


Stages 1-4

stall according to cool downs, use Kinemon and Kizaru once if your Lucy and Diamante cooldowns are high.
Stage 5

against Franky use your delayer and one Lucy special, wait 2 turns look for orbs then use Lucy special again hit at least 4 perfects for the 2x attack boost

then the following turn use all specials and finish him off

Team 2

Damage Calc

Nakama Net

Stages 1-4 : Stall for specials

Stage 5

  • Turn 1 : TS Nami > Vergo and stall
  • Turn 2 : Stall
  • Turn 3 : Stall
  • Turn 4 : Neko > Law > Aokiji and kill


TM Whitebeard

Vs Vista

On Stage 3 your entire team will get paralyzed for 2 turns and get blinded (SFX removed) for 2 turns. Either bring a team that can take a few hits or a paralysis reducer just to be safe.

  • Type: QCK
  • HP: 360,000 (+32,400 per NAV Level)
  • ATK: 3,600 (+164 per NAV Level)
  • Premptive: 10 turn slot binds/seals top & bottom row units. Rewinds specials for the middle and bottom row units for 1 turn.
  • HP < 20%: Raises ATK by 2.5x and prevents all damage for 4 turns.

Vs Jozu

Jozu spawns with 5 high DEF low HP fodders. They each have start at 6 HP and increases as you increase in TM levels.

  • Type: STR
  • HP: 5,000 (+450 per NAV Level)
  • ATK: 10,500 (+474 per NAV Level)
  • Premptive: 5 turn debuff protector & 5 turn DEF-UP (1,000 times regular DEF).
  • DEF-UP 250 -> 250,000 for Jozu & 99,999 -> 99,999,000 for Mobs.

Vs Ace

  • Type: DEX
  • HP: 1,100,000 (+99,000 per NAV Level)
  • ATK: 4,200 (+189 per NAV Level)
  • Premptive: Boosts own ATK and lowers chain multiplier by 50% for 2 turns.
  • Turn 1: Gives entire crew badly matching orbs and locks all orbs for 1 turn.
  • Upon Death: Deals 1.5x his Attack.

This is another of those bosses were fighting in the main map will be better because his HP will greatly increase and as you continue fighting his huge HP will be annoying. Also you have to keep an eye on his death damage because it can and will kill you at higher levels. So make sure that you have a damage reducing unit on your team.

Vs Marco

  • Type: PSY
  • HP: 310,000 (+27,900 per NAV Level)
  • ATK: 7,200 (+324 per NAV Level)
  • Interrupt: Will heal to full each turn.

If it is not obvious you have to beat him in 1 turn. So INT based teams are ideal.

Vs Whitebeard

On Stage 3 upon death the Bazooka guy will put a “Makes Perfects harder to hit” debuff for 99 turns.

Stage 4

Disclaimer the information on Stage 4 Whitebeard is not 100% accurate because the places I used to get this information did not have his stats. So I just looked at TM Whitebeard Level 1 videos to have an idea on what his stats were and went from there. Since each NAV Lvl is just about a 5% increase.

However the Preemptive information is correct. It’s just the HP & ATK stats that are not accurate.

  • Type: INT
  • HP: ~700k (+ ~35,000 per NAV Level)
  • ATK: ~4084 (+ ~205 per NAV Level)
  • Premptive: Special binds/silence both your captains for 3 turns.

Stage 5

Spawns with 3 other mobs that I did not get their HP and ATK values.

  • Type: INT
  • HP: 1,550,000 (+139,500 per NAV Level)
  • ATK: 10,056 (+450 per NAV Level)
  • Premptive: Binds friend captain for 5 turns, 99 turn delay protector, 1 turn 3-hit Perfect barrier.
  • Interrupt: Blows away 2 random units for 3 turns if you use an HP cut.
  • First Attack (Turn 2): Deals 2x his ATK that turn.

Do not bring units that do HP cuts unless you plan on using them in Stage 4 or not plan on using them at all.