vs STR & INT

Strategy vs STR:

Stage 1: clear in 2 turns
Stage 2: clear in 2 turns
Stage 3:

  • use Hody on turn 1,
  • skip turns until you die and revive,
  • Robin post-revive,
  • Magellan+Inazuma the next turn,
  • then use Garp once they drop below 25% HP (takes 6 turns total for 25%)

Hody is replacable by RR Ain.

If your specials aren’t maxed you obviously need to stall more on stage 1 (maybe 2 as well).
Make sure you have Garp on the bottom row vs STR as the middle row gets blown away.

Strategy vs INT:

Stage 1: Clear in 1 turn.
Stage 2: Clear in 1 turn.
Stage 3:

  • Die first.
  • Then use Hody special post-revive first turn,
  • Magellan+Inazuma 2nd turn and
  • Robin 3rd turn.

Also git gud and hit your perfects while blinded.

vs QCK

Stage 1: clear in 2 turns
Stage 2: Use Law special, then kill on the same turn(matching orbs on subs may help)
Stage 3:

  • Die.
  • Post-revive use Fuji, Magellan and Inazuma specials.
  • Skip/tank 3 turns,
  • then use Garp to finish.


Colo Raizo


damage calc

Lucy / Lucy

Tashigi / TM Mihawk

Vista / Lucy

Stage 1 :

Stage 2:

Stage 3 :Inuarashi,

stall 2, turn 3 keep above 50%

Stage 4 : nekomamushi

stall 5, dex Lucy spec, str Lucy spec,

Stage 5 :Raizo

Tashigi, kill


sunny spec, Vista, TM Mihawk, str lucy



Chaos : Zombie

Stage 1: Stall until you get Sabo special ready.

Stage 2: Use Sabo special, let only one fodder alive (that is not the lapin), stall until you get Sabo special ready again.

Stage 3: Use Magellan. When the poison ticks about 500k damage use Sabo special and attack. It will put him below 50% and the next tick of poison will kill him.

Stage 4: Stall until you get Sabo and Magellan specials. After stalling, use Magellan, and when the poison tick about 500k, use Sabo and attack normally. Same pattern of Stage 3.

Stage 5: Use Franky right after the preemptive attack of Raizo. Stall Sabo, Magellan and Franky special. Use Magellan wait for him to die. After revive use Franky AoE damage then Sabo special. Stall Magellan special again, then use whenever is ready.