TM Nami Preparation

Vs Browbeard

Vs Blackbeard

Raid Arlong is the best bet here, he removes block orbs, gives all matching AND boosts orbs. You can then use the free log-in Shanks after for an easy clear

Vs Rayleigh

On stage 6 use Burgess to get a 5 turn buff and clear,

Stage 7 use Oven special, dps if needed, and use the second Oven on revive. Works for now, might have to do some change at higher level.

Vs Whitebeard

Cav+Zoro should be enough for a long time, sabo and mihawk can be used later on for more dmg.

Vs Nami

Vs Nami – alt

Basically tank your way through stage 6,

use all buff raid doffy, clear stage 6,

poison stage 7, clear stage 7.