7 Warlords “Blitz”

Blitz Boa   / Mihawk:Perona (Legend V1 Zoro)
New Weevil  / V3 Akainu
STR RR Coby (Legend Garp) / STR RR Boa

Stage 1: Clear
Stage 2 clear in two turns
Stage 3: Clear in two turns
Stage 4 
	(Perona and Bear): 
	Turn 1 pop Coby special, switch to Perona, pop Akainu, the Kill Bear and do a lot of damage to Perona. 
	Turn 2 clear

Stage 4 
	(Perona and 3 Ghosts): 
	Take out a ghost in the first 2 turns. 
	Turn 3 (96) do more damage to a ghost. 
	Turn 4 (95) pop Coby, finish off the ghosts.
	Turn 5 (94) switch to Perona, search matching orbs
	Turn 6 (93) switch to Mihawk and do some damage. 
	Turn 7 (92) switch to Perona and do a little more damage, trying not to get her to low. 
	Turn 8 (91) pop Akainu and finish her off

Stage 5: 
	Turn 1 switch to Mihawk, pop Weevil, pop Mihawk, pop RR Boa, and kill. 
	Turn 2 pop Blitz Boa and Clear.