Raid Barto


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Team 1

Damage Calc


McGuy and Leo can be replaced with any delayers that fit the requirements.

Sandersonia can be replaced with Story Kaku.


Stage 3: Delay with McGuy and stall out the Captain switch. You can either bring one of the Giants below 20% or take a hit.

Stage 4: Delay with Leo and clear in 2 turns.

Barto 1: Use Colo Lucy and Lucy and attack hitting perfects.

Barto 2: Use Sandersonia and clear.

Team 2

Damage Calc

Nakama net

Stage 3 kill the left guy that will turn orbs into block first. Can use Neko’s in this stage if needed.

Stage 4 use the delayer.

Stage 5 use Aokiji and Whitebeard first turn and then Law and maybe Neko second.

Raid Franky

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Damage Calc

Nakama net


Stages 1-4

stall according to cool downs, use Kinemon and Kizaru once if your Lucy and Diamante cooldowns are high.
Stage 5

against Franky use your delayer and one Lucy special, wait 2 turns look for orbs then use Lucy special again hit at least 4 perfects for the 2x attack boost

then the following turn use all specials and finish him off

Team 2

Damage Calc

Nakama Net

Stages 1-4 : Stall for specials

Stage 5

  • Turn 1 : TS Nami > Vergo and stall
  • Turn 2 : Stall
  • Turn 3 : Stall
  • Turn 4 : Neko > Law > Aokiji and kill


Neo Akainu


Boa V2 / 6+ Ace

Heracles / FN Giolla

FN Perona / Marguerite

Damage calc

FN Giolla ca be replaced by 6+ Usopp

Turn 1: Use Boa V2 and Marguerite specials, attack normally. (2,129k dmg)

Turn 2: attack again but end on Marguerite.

Turn 3: Use Perona’s special

Turn 4: Use Giolla/6+ Usopp/Hody special

Turn 5: Use Hera’s and Ace’s special then burst.


Team 1



Colo Neko/Vergo

Damage Calc

Team 2

Damage Calc

Hit with Kanjuro Last.


Team 1

TM Mihawk / TM Mihawk

?? / QCK Diamante

SW Shanks/Colo Ain

Damage Calc

Team 2

TM Mihawk, TM Mihawk, Raid Fuji, Psy Zoro, Dex Cavendish, Qck Diamante

I used delay on stage 3. At Akainu, activate block orb eliminating special (cavendish for me) then Zoro (he will cancel the buff but I just want orb) then fuji. Hit him first turn. Activate Mihawk second turn and kill him. He revived activate another mihawk and kill him.

Cavendish was there to get rid of block orb, diamante was there to delay stage 3. I think the team can be f2p by replacing them with characters with the same functions, for example, FN brookand Colo Mcguy to get rid of blk orb and delay

Team 3

Damage calc

40 Stam Restaurant Le Crap

first day

15 Runs :

  • 52 HP candies
  • 69 ATK candies
  • 43 RCV candies

2nd day

15 runs

  • 36+17 HP
  • 35+16 ATK
  • 29+21 RCV

3rd day

15 runs

  • 50+17 HP
  • 44 ATK
  • 34+18 RCV

4th & last day

7 runs

  • 1+18 HP candies
  • 21+7 ATK candies
  • 26 RCV candies

I now have

  • a 100HP + 100 RCV GPU
  • 3x 100 + 1x 85 HP turtle
  • 3x 100 ATK turtles
  • 1x 100 + 1x 44 RCV turtle