Raid Barto


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Team 1

Damage Calc


McGuy and Leo can be replaced with any delayers that fit the requirements.

Sandersonia can be replaced with Story Kaku.


Stage 3: Delay with McGuy and stall out the Captain switch. You can either bring one of the Giants below 20% or take a hit.

Stage 4: Delay with Leo and clear in 2 turns.

Barto 1: Use Colo Lucy and Lucy and attack hitting perfects.

Barto 2: Use Sandersonia and clear.

Team 2

Damage Calc

Nakama net

Stage 3 kill the left guy that will turn orbs into block first. Can use Neko’s in this stage if needed.

Stage 4 use the delayer.

Stage 5 use Aokiji and Whitebeard first turn and then Law and maybe Neko second.