Raid Franky

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Damage Calc

Nakama net


Stages 1-4

stall according to cool downs, use Kinemon and Kizaru once if your Lucy and Diamante cooldowns are high.
Stage 5

against Franky use your delayer and one Lucy special, wait 2 turns look for orbs then use Lucy special again hit at least 4 perfects for the 2x attack boost

then the following turn use all specials and finish him off

Team 2

Damage Calc

Nakama Net

Stages 1-4 : Stall for specials

Stage 5

  • Turn 1 : TS Nami > Vergo and stall
  • Turn 2 : Stall
  • Turn 3 : Stall
  • Turn 4 : Neko > Law > Aokiji and kill