Kizuna Carrot

vs STR

Stage 1: Swap zoro and kill in 1 turn

Stage 2: Swap your luffy to law and attack with him last to kill in 1 turn

Stage 3: Turn 1: Use robbin and swap luffy to law, pass turn with usopp

Turn 2:Use Usopp>Sanji>Cracker>Law2x and attack from lowest to highest dmg dealer.

Croc support needs lvl3 and is must. Camie is lvl5 and is not needed but the team is build aroud her boost with usopp.

vs INT

Stage 1: Use Sanji (to counter Sanji secret stage) and go.

Stage 2: If you get normal stage 2, stall one turn so you don’t bring the attack down into the boss stage.

Stage 3: Specials: Franky -> Marigold -> Shanks -> Luffy normal and super type specials -> V3 Law. Attack in order Marigold -> Shanks -> V3 Law -> Franky -> Sanji -> Luffy (or for the last 3, in order of attack if it’s different for you)

vs PSY

Stage 1: Just clear

Stage 2: Use one of the captains and clear

Stage 3: Use Linlin then all remaining specials