Kizuna Koala

vs INT

KRR Betty / Saboala

LRR Carrot/Garp 6*

Kizuna Ivankov/Boa 6+

Stage 2: Ivankov special.

Stage 3: Use everything.

vs QCK

Vivibecca / Vivibecca

Nami 6+ / TM Sabo

Raid Croc v1 / Shanks 6*

Stage 2: Use 1 Vivi/Rebecca and clear.

Stage 2: Use all specials. Nami can be replaced by Luffy/Law or Nami/Robin.

vs PSY

NamiRobin/Robin 6+

Shanks 6*/Saboala

Kizuna Magellan / TM RebeccaViola

Stage 1: Use Magellan.

Stage 2: Use Robin special and kill Morley, probably don’t need the special to avoid stage 3 orb lock but feel safer that way, using Megalo alone should be enough though.

Stage 3: Use everything and switch to Koala.