Lao G + Invasion Garp

What he does

  • He 10 Million health and deals 19k damage on normal attack.
  • He pre-emptively changes his type from STR to INT and shuffles your orbs.
  • He has a defense reduce debuff protection
  • Every 2 turns he removes all your buffs and debuffs dealt to him and shuffles your orbs. With a chance of getting BLOCK orbs.
  • After defeat he revives for 20% of his HP(around 2 million+ health), cuts your HP by 80%, paralyzes your team for 3 turns and silences special of a QCK unit on your team(if you have one)
  • After he revives he also gives himself Damage immunity buff from all types (STR, DEX, QCK, PSY and INT) for two turns.
  • After he revives he attacks normally for two turns and on the third turn does his big damage of 500,000

Team :

Lucy / Lucy

Diamante / Doffy

Usopp 6+ / Lucy

Damage Calc


1-4: Stall on the turtle and kill everything else in time.

Garp 1: On entering use Colo Lucy, Lucy and hit at least 4 perfects => 4,376k dmg + 2,000k dmg

Garp 2: Doffy & kill him => 4,036k dmg

Garp 3: Use Diamante

Garp 4: Nothing

Garp 5: Use Usopp & farm orbs

Garp 6: Use 2nd Lucy and kill him again